Simple right? How do we throw harder? By throwing harder.. Interesting.. But that sounds too easy.. Well I’d argue that the amount of work and preparation and sacrifice this task requires is anything BUT easy.. I want to show you a clip taken from a recent throwing session in which I talk about this dynamic and how I’ve once again fallen victim of losing velocity as I now attempt to get it back.. check it out below. Or you can checkout a recent post of mine that dives deep into this personal discovery I’ve had in the past few weeks training to enhance my velocity.

I will also be including videos below that highlight some of my Intentional Throwing Routines to influence velocity so stick around if you REALLY REALLY want to embark on this quest. If you are someone that REALLY wants it I’d encourage you to checkout these options of how I can help you along your journey..




I can’t talk about this enough from my personal experience.. Once I got out of the funk that I was in from being so caught up in how I was throwing from a mechanical standpoint and where my ball was going I was finally able to realize that I was never “trying” to really throw hard. Or maybe when it came game time I would try to throw hard but was I actually trying to throw hard at any point during my preparation for the game? I can honestly answer that with a big NO.

It’s amazing what can happen to your arm when you train in such a way that allows for growth. I am not a trainer or a therapist but speaking from personal experience the body/arm is so adaptable to whatever stimulus you feed it. If you train in a very light/easy environment the body/arm will get accustomed to that and typically revert to that when it counts. Now if you train in a way that promotes growth the body/arm will become accustomed to that stimulus. Again, this is kind of what I’ve realized over the course of my journey in professional baseball. I’d encourage you to take a listen to the Podcast I did with Alan Jaeger in regards to throwing harder while becoming healthier with certain protocols to follow.



As I spoke about in my Blog on Pulldowns To Throw Faster my personal journey has been quite a ride.. I got drafted high by throwing hard as a high schooler.. got in a funk.. experienced the yips.. worried a lot about location.. got away from throwing hard.. was sitting mid 80’s.. got released.. reinvented myself during one off season.. starting throwing upper 90’s.. got signed and had success.

Throughout that process I learned A LOT about myself and essentially the do’s n do not’s of the development process. Now obviously you have to be smart about the Velocity Development Process. In a day n age where we throw with such restriction (i.e pitch counts, timed throwing programs, and load management) it’s important to build up and adapt to specific loads. The only thing that I can do with my platform is tell my story and maybe provide you with some good insights that will help in your process or prepare you.

I am a believer also in the mental aspect of velocity development. If you just say you want to throw harder but don’t necessarily believe it in your heart you will be constantly fighting an uphill battle. Remember, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing as hard as the dudes you see on tv. We’re all human beings that lace up our cleats the same way. Sure there’s genetic enhancements for some or disadvantages for others but Frick that noise.. believe in this deep down.

There’s also something to be said about tracking your growth. Like I spoke about in Tips To Throw Harder I started seeing a lot of Velo gains when I purchased a Pocket Radar (click to get a discount) and literally tracked 5-6 times per week where I was at. Now an important piece to this to note is that Velocity is not a linear process. Don’t get discouraged if some days are lower than previous days. Stay on track n stick to the process. These days will happen. The only thing you can control is your work input. Focus on that and good things will happen.

As you’ll see in this video below I’m being extremely intentional with throwing at max power output. Biggest thing for me is just listening to my arm throughout. If she feels good then let’s frickin go. If she doesn’t feel as good then we’ll back off or even take a day off.




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