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Pitch Grips


Kershaw Drill w/ Arm Patterning

For most of you this will be a lot of information to take in so please if you have any questions just shoot a comment down below and we’ll get a good conversation going about why i like to use this drill. Also, this is something that works for me and my body/arm which...

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Morning Movement/Mobility Routines

Alright guys been getting a lot of questions about my personal Morning Routine so I thought I'd create a page to help you guys out with possibly giving you an idea of what a solid Routine should look like in the morning. I want to first stress the importance of...

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My Long Toss Routine

  You'll notice at the start of my long toss session I'm really focused on getting air under the baseball and trying to use my entire bodies natural movement to reach my partner instead of using all arm from the get go. I'm in the process of creating a Long Toss...

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