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A Catcher’s Responsibility

    For me personally the Catcher is the most important dude out there.. the amount of responsibility that he has is more than anyone else on the field. Let’s go over some of his responsibilities  ⁣✅ Know the entire Pitching Staff’s Strengths n Weakness ⁣✅...

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Develop Personal Mechanical Cues

Biggest thing that my client Madison wants to do is throw harder.. We all do right? More velocity is never a bad thing especially in today’s game. When talking about how to efficiently get the most Velocity out of us as possible we need to make sure that we’re doing a...

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Pitch Grips


Kershaw Drill w/ Arm Patterning

For most of you this will be a lot of information to take in so please if you have any questions just shoot a comment down below and we’ll get a good conversation going about why i like to use this drill. Also, this is something that works for me and my body/arm which...

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My Long Toss Routine

  We used a Pocket Radar to determine the velocity of the pulldowns. If you're interested in purchasing your own Pocket Radar click the link below to get a discounted rate. See ALL PRODUCTS I've used or use currently and purchase at a DISCOUNTED RATE!   View...

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Driveline Plyo Ball Routine

  I do not take credit for this routine you see here. I implemented this using the help of Driveline and I strongly encourage you to develop a routine that best suites your needs!   Products I Use   See ALL PRODUCTS I've used or use currently and...

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