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My main goal in being your pitching coach is creating a completely inpidualized plan that is going to allow YOU to become the best pitcher that YOU can be! We live in a world where there’s SOOO much information at our fingertips and sometimes that information can actually do more harm than good, especially to youth athletes. My objective is to utilize the knowledge that I’ve consumed throughout my career to better equip you for your career.

The best part about being an Online Client is that we don’t treat this like typical “Pitching Lessons” where you walk out of the lesson having already forgot 90% of the things talked about during that time. These options are built for a sustaining relationship where I target any deficiencies you may have and continue to teach + coach you until those deficiencies become efficiencies! Whether it be your Mechanics, Pitch Grips, Pitch Sequencing, or even your Mental Game, I will provide services to make sure that you’re not only becoming a better Pitcher but also having Fun in the process!

I only ask you to be completely honest with me about your specific program and what/how you are feeling throughout our journey together. I can’t help you if you don’t communicate with me. I pride myself on the ability to communicate with the athlete and/or parent. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Once you become a client you will have my phone number and I’ll always be near my phone Monday – Friday.

Remember, I want to see you grow into the pitcher that I believe you can become with the right coaching! Pay will be done month-month. Cancel anytime after a month. No refunds during the months. See below for Coaching Plans Options.

Luke Weaver

Arizona Diamondbacks Pitcher

“Robby cares way too much about this game and the attention to detail to steer you wrong. His knowledge for pitching is truly top tier.”

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