Pitching Mechanics Analysis

Breaking down your pitch, frame by frame.

Pitching Mechanics Analysis

Get a personalized breakdown for $99.99

Do you want to ADD Velocity and better Command to your pitch? Are you also somebody who has dealt with nagging injuries over the course of your career due to a Mechanical Flaw? Sign up for a Mechanical Video Analysis with me today to better understand how to efficiently sync up your body and apply appropriate forces to Throw Harder, Command The Ball Better, and Stay Healthy! I slow down your video and take a deep look at it frame by frame. This allows me to breakdown your delivery frame by frame and get the best understanding of how to fix any mechanical flaws you may have.

I will draw, highlight, and voice record over the video to give a complete understanding of changes needed to help optimally perform your pitch. I will also explain physical deficiencies I see that you might have and better equip you with an understanding of how to attack your personal development. You will receive a response email within 1 week from your purchase. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder for the email response!

What I Will Need From You

  • TWO separate videos of you throwing off the mound – 1 from the open side of your mechanics and 1 from the centerfield point of view. Not mandatory but if you have a Long Toss or Run n Gun video send that as well
  • Your Height, Weight, and Age
  • Highest Velocity Recorded + When?
  • Max Long Toss Distance and Max Pulldown Velo Recorded
  • Reverse Lunge PR
  • Your IG Username + Confirmation I can post about the analysis
  • MLB Pitcher You Would Compare Yourself To
  • Short Term Pitching Goal
  • A problem that you’ve been told you have in your delivery.

What You Will Get From Me

  • Full breakdown on the videos you send me using “Coaches Eye” app that allows me to slow down frame by frame while drawing and highlighting on the video. I also may compare your delivery with an MLB Pitcher for you to see exactly what I’m talking about. (See Example Videos Below)
  • Analysis Recap Video of me explaining in further detail what I see and what I would rather see. (See Example Video Below)
  • Advice moving forward in your career on how to optimize your delivery whether it be drills, strengthening, or the use of tools.
  • ONE email response from me answering any questions you may have regarding the Analysis

Example Videos

Analysis Video

Analysis Compared with MLB Pitcher

Analysis Recap Video

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