Over the course of the past decade weighted ball training has become all the big hype within the Baseball Development industry. While some people absolutely love weighted ball training, others demonize it. Whether it be due to a study on weighted ball training or personal feedback on a Tommy John case, some are strong in their opinions to disregard weighted balls all together. Today I just want to create something that makes sense to not only instructors in the industry but also to the players who are pondering utilizing weighted balls. Personally I think one of the biggest disconnects with weighted balls (and there’s plenty) is that for a kid, you don’t quite know why you’re “not” using them or even why you are using them. So my goal in writing this piece today is just to give you guys some power and hope to make sense. I’m not here to highlight any study nor do I believe everything I write should be treated as gospel. I’m going to share my personal experience with weighted balls/baseballs thus far, show you guys some routines, include some links to articles written by smarter people than me, and even include some discounts if you’re interested in purchasing a set for yourself!

If you have any questions.. and I mean any questions after you dive into this.. don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Randy Sullivan Podcast on Optimizing Pitching Mechanics

Mike Reinold – 6 Week Weighted Ball Study

Enhancing Baseball Performance w/ Mike Reinold – The Robby Row Show Podcast

Kyle Boddy – Reshaping The Way We Think About Baseball Training – Driveline Baseball – The Robby Row Show Podcast 



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Dr. Heenan on Authentic Mechanics





Randy Sullivan on Varying Throw Types





My Weighted Baseball Routine





My Plyo Ball Routine





Well Should I Throw Weighted Balls?


I figure this question is going to come up regardless so I might as well tackle it the best way that I know how. Ok, so, should you? Maybe.. Could it get you hurt? Maybe.. Here’s the thing. I put a lot of emphasis into my Mechanical Analysis because it takes the “guessing” out of the equation for me. I would be doing a total disservice to you if I, having never seen you throw, tell you that you should be throwing weighted balls everyday. Why is that bad? Because you can have a ton of deficiencies in your delivery and you’d be at major risk when we increase the load. I don’t believe in a one sized fits all program. I believe in individualized programs that are going to best equip YOU to reach your maximum potential. I know you’re probably seeking a black n white answer and I apologize for not giving one but I do hope that the information I provided today can better equip you to make that decision.


How Do I Get Authentic Mechanics?


I’d encourage you to read these Blogs.. if you still have a question on this afterwards reach out to me.

Arm Path – Long Arm or Short Arm

Instilling Efficient Throwing Patterns

Correcting an Inefficient Arm Path

Counter Balance


Discount On Weighted Balls

Discount – “Robby10” *case sensitive* 

Tap Sports Weighted Plyo Balls

Oates Specialties Weighted Baseballs 



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