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The Journey Thus Far


July 2018 – Blew my Lat out. After about 5 MRI’s “confirmed” Grade 2 Lat Strain which didn’t require surgery. Was sent back home for regular PT/Rehab

October 2018 – After not seeing any progress I sold my car packed everything n moved to Colorado to begin training with Dr. Heenan while working out at Push Performance – S/O DJ Edwards.

January 2019 – After still not seeing progress sought out 2nd opinion which decided it was best I get a latissimus dorsi repair surgery. Got the surgery n moved to Omaha, NE to continue working w Dr. Heenan.

July 2019 – After holding off on my post surgery throwing protocols Dr. Heenan felt best to progress throwing based on how I felt rather than what the general return to throwing outline said. Waited another 2 months to begin throwing. (Listen to Podcast Episode 90 for more details on this) 

November 2019 – After avoiding the mound until I felt absolutely confident that I was ready I threw first bullpen at roughly 80-90% exertion level. 

Recap – Felt great during bullpen but that’s only 1 element to returning to game action. I was pleased with my ability to stay in the desired exertion level during this bullpen. My recovery is still pretty subpar so it’s just about checking the ego at the door and identifying where I’m really at rather than where I want to be. Definitely excited with how things are progressing and look forward to more work. #robbyrowcomeback



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