I call this particular action “The Velocity Enhancing Move” because in my opinion, after years of observation, these particular series of moves are the single most important aspects of throwing velocity. Timing of the hand raise + arm swing in relation to the front foot (the anchor) touching down to the ground. As a byproduct of this move what I’ve seen happen is an extremely efficient flow into creating Authentic Hip/Shoulder Separation as well as releasing rotational energy “torque” at the right time AND in line towards our desired target.

This particular article will feature breakdowns of some of the games best + hardest throwing pitchers including Max Scherzer, Gerrit Cole, Jordan Hicks, and Aroldis Chapman.

Let’s take a quick look at this move done flawlessly by Jordan Hicks.. who throws kinda hard.. check it out.




Now obviously that’s a quick video that doesn’t necessarily show a whole lot so now we’ll get into the meat n potatoes of this dang thing starting with a video of me explaining it in detail then we’ll progress with an actual mechanical screening of Max Scherzer Gerrit Cole. But first…

If you want personalized 1 on 1 feedback of your pitching mechanics like you will see in the video below I’d encourage you to explore the option of signing up for a Mechanical Analysis. If you want to save $100 on personalized monthly workout programs designed to equip you with the needed stability + strength to throw harder, move better, and recover quicker click 90 MPH Formula Remote ProgrammingAnd lastly, if you want an entire eBook dedicated to efficiently developing velocity click Velocity Development eBook. Now let’s take a look at the first video in which I’ll explain this dang thing.





Now we’ll give you a better visual breaking down this move performed by two dudes who are pretty decent when it comes to throwing a baseball..





Ok now that you got a pretty good visual of this move done exceptionally well let’s now take a look at one of my Mechanical Analysis clients who leaves a ton of potential velocity on the table by not accomplishing a move like this..







Here’s the thing about this move.. it’s happening sooo frickin fast that it’s not something I’d ever tell one of my athlete’s to consciously “think” about when throwing a baseball. Instead we optimize separate things that will in turn help aid in accomplishing this move.

First we would identify which piece to the individuals delivery needs the most attention. More often times than not it will start with optimizing the hand path and the arm action connectivity. We go thru a series of progressions until we find the specific progressions that provide us with excellent feedback and hammer those until we create new motor control patterns for the path in which his hand takes.

Secondly we would progress with increasing Forward Momentum + Acceleration because now we have an ability to keep our hands connected throughout our drive phase. Same process.. find the progressions that provide the best feedback and work towards instilling new motor patterns that the body needs to increase acceleration into anchor point. During this stage we need to make sure the athlete has the required stability to accomplish an efficient forward move without having a drive leg breakdown. For more context on that be sure to checkout the article Forward Momentum Without Drive Leg Stabilization.

Lastly we would then progress with optimizing the individuals Authentic Hip/Shoulder Separation by isolating the hips + the trunk. I’ve typically seen the trunk rotation be a byproduct of hand raise/arm swing but ya never know. For more context on that be sure to checkout the article Early Arm Raise + Limited Pitching Velocity.

This is why I put so much emphasis on the importance of my 1 on 1 Remote Coaching service because as you can already imagine this takes time, precision, and intentional training. With my coaching service you’ll have access to weekly screenings + breakdowns which will better service this move being approached correctly.

Now for good measure let’s breakdown the Velocity Enhancing Move pulled off extremely well by Aroldis Chapman.. take a look..






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