Done a lot of stuff on the meaning of “authentic” and “unauthentic” patterns that we see in the pitching delivery. It’s super common for guys to lack the authentic stability needed to handle the different forces that are being applied throughout the body while throwing from the mound. Being that we now introduce gravities affect while throwing from a slope it’s extremely important to be able to stabilize if we want to limit our breakdowns on the mound. 

This is a huge reason we see see guys with an impressive long toss number but can’t seem to translate that power output to the mound. And another reason why the elite pitchers in the game are so frickin impressive to watch! Below you will see a few video breakdowns regarding this topic as I further elaborate on what this looks like. 

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Here’s another example of what drive leg instability looks like on the mound. This is a preview of my Mechanical Analysis Service so if you’re interested in booking an analysis be sure to click that link!







As you’re probably wondering now how to go about creating AUTHENTIC drive leg stability I would encourage you to explore the option of signing up for an Analysis so we can truly identify what the athletes needs are. I’ll include some more videos talking about some progressions for stability in the drive leg.








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