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Adam Ottavino Slider

  In today's breakdown I want to highlight Adam Ottavino's Slider. For me personally it's fairly well-known league wide to be a major weapon in Ottavino's arsenal. I want to take a look at a couple different videos of the Pitch in action, a video of the man...

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Kevin Gausman Splitter

 This is going to be a fun one. Like I said in the video I personally love the Splitter. I started throwing mine when I was about 14 or 15 years old. It's funny because my dad never wanted me throwing curveballs or sliders growing up but he gave me Roger Clemens...

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Marcus Stroman Breaking Ball Analysis

Ok, well who knows what the specific pitch is but I do a breakdown on it. Lol Comment below what you think the pitch is? A couple signs point to either/or but who really cares, right? Ish is nasty! ⁉️QUESTIONS⁉️ ⁣✅ EMAIL ME - contactrobbyrow@gmail.com 🎥 - MLB tv (edit...

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Jacob deGrom Slider Breakdown

    This is my full breakdown of Jacob DeGrom's slider from his Opening Day Start against the Nationals. What really impressed me was how hard and late this pitch was. I know deGrom has always had a hard slider that many would almost perceive as a Cutter but...

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