We know that we want to get the arm out so we can give the arm enough time to get up into a good position to delivery the throw w/ a consistent release point while not having to rush during our delivery. But something that I don’t hear talked about a whole lot is the opposite dynamic.. Having that arm raise early. 

What does this do in regards to a breakdown in power output? 

Something that I’ve been seeing is kids lack the stability to be able to go into early arm raise and delay trunk rotation so we see early arm raise leading to early trunk rotation leading to limited separation leading to limited power output. 

Below you’ll see some video breakdowns on this topic as well as Analysis Previews that showcase how this can affect potential power output. But first, if you’re someone interested in developing efficient throwing velocity I’d encourage you to explore my newest ebook option Velocity Development that includes how to best go about optimizing your pitching mechanics to achieve your pitching goals.

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Now I will preview some Mechanical Screenings of Clients who struggle with this particular dynamic. If you’re wanting to sign up for your very own Mechanical Analysis click that link!



Early Arm Raise Disrupts Timing





Delay Arm Raise








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