Velocity Development eBook

Download the Velocity Development eBook.

Velocity Development eBook


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This eBook will be a game changer for your baseball development. It’s obvious everyone wants to obtain high throwing velocity in today’s game but it’s quite difficult to do so without fully understanding ways to go about it. In this eBook I’ve included all the most crucial pieces in velocity development. I know because I’ve been able to throw mid – upper 90’s in my career. Upon purchasing you will be able to download the eBook from the website. Here’s a list of everything included in this 30+ page eBook. Watch the video below to hear a full breakdown of everything included within this eBook!

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What's Included:

  • Mechanical Optimization (commonalities of hard throwers)
  • Capacity To Throw Hard (movement + strength capacity)
  • Intent + Brain/Body Connection (mental aspect of velocity)
  • Drill Progressions (covering each mechanical deficiency)
  • Throwing Program Examples (Plyo Ball Routines Included)
  • Warmup Routine Examples
  • Post Throw Recovery Routine Examples
  • Arm Care Protocol Examples