This will serve as a preview of everything that is included when signing up for my Mechanical Analysis Service including the following:

  • Can Position Players Sign Up?
  • How Old Do You Have To Be?
  • What Do I Do After Purchase?
  • What Should I Expect From An Analysis?
  • What Does The Mechanical Screening Video Look Like?
  • What Does The Analysis Report Entail?
  • What Happens After The Analysis is Completed?
  • Does This Analysis Service Work?


Do You Only Analyze Pitchers?

Although majority of my clients are pitchers I still encourage position players to sign up. I’ve done dozens of Analysis for infielders, catchers, and outfielders. I don’t overcomplicate the process for anyone but most specifically with position guys. All I’m doing is screening throwing mechanics if you’re a position guy and showcasing where I believe you can become more efficient in your throw. Checkout the article I did on an infielders Analysis by clicking Infielder Mechanical Analysis

How Old Do You Have To Be?

This is where it gets tricky for me because I do personally believe that all young throwers 12 + under should really focus on the basics and simplification but given today’s day n age with so much access to bad information I do work with kids 12U. The only change from my regular service is that instead of me working directly with the athlete I’m instead working with the parent. This means that all the things that I’m talking about are for the parent to understand and implement with the athlete.

After Analysis Purchase

Immediately after you purchase a Mechanical Analysis you will receive a follow-up email with more instructions on what to do next. The email will provide a link to a google drive account that you will be then asked to create your very own folder with the name of the athlete. Then you will upload your required videos along with your filled out PDF questionnaire that you will be able to download from the google drive folder.

Once you’ve completed those steps you will then right click your folder and give me access to edit the folder. This gives me the ability to download the videos and PDF from your folder. Once you do this you will then email me the link to the folder OR just email letting me know everything has been uploaded.

Upon receiving your email I will then begin working on the Analysis. This process varies in time but just know I am OCD and work diligently to get the completed analysis back to you within a week. More often times it takes me 24-48 hours to complete but know that I do not do any of my Remote Services on the weekends.



What Should I Expect?

Once I have your videos I will then start my process of analyzing your mechanics from the videos that you’ve provided. For a deeper dive into this process you can checkout the video below that showcases EVERYTHING that goes into conducting an Analysis on my end. If you don’t care to watch a long video then skip ahead to see an actual Analysis Preview..










Mechanical Screening

What does the actual Mechanical Screen look like?.. well I’ll provide a preview to that as well..





Analysis Report

Now if you’ve purchased just a Mechanical Screening then that’s all you’ll be getting. But if you’ve purchased the FULL Mechanical Analysis you will also be getting an in-depth Analysis Report.

The Analysis Report will include a list of the following PER specific mechanical breakdowns outlined in the screening.

  • Mechanical Screen Previews
  • Mechanical Explainers
  • Drill Progressions
  • Throw Variations
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Strength Recommendations
  • Product Recommendations

Here’s a look at the Analysis Report.. Now due to respect of my Clients who pay for these services I’ve blacked out a good majority of the links on the page that will take the client to a video of the specific dynamic.




What Happens After Analysis?

After the analysis has been completed and turned back to you with the Screening + the Analysis Report you will then have one email to ask any questions you have regarding the Analysis. 90% of the time my clients don’t have any questions since the Analysis Report is so detailed. Also, you may not use your email to ask me questions regarding anything other than subjects regarding the Analysis. I have gotten plenty of questions regarding throwing programs, warmup routines, arm care routines, and recovery routines. A couple things I have to say to that..

  1. If you’re wanting a throwing program, warmup routine, or recovery routine I strongly suggest you take a look at my Velocity Development eBook which includes all of that AND MORE.
  2. Out of respect to my 1 on 1 Remote Coaching Clients communication is limited to the one email. If you’re wanting constant coaching I’d encourage you to look into this service.
  3. If you are looking for an Arm Care Routine I’d encourage you to checkout my Arm Care Routines eBook that outlines all of the arm care protocols that I’ve used throughout my journey and continue to use.


Does The Analysis Service Work?

Instead of having to hear it from the biggest bias in the world I’d tell you to checkout the page titled Analysis Service Feedback. I have been absolutely pumped lately due to these emails that I will get a few months after someone signed up for an Analysis saying how much they’ve progressed since the Analysis. So please, if you’re someone that does eventually sign up don’t hesitate to reach out a few months down the road to update me on your progress. Although I have a ONE email limit from the service, my Contact page is always available.



Still On The Fence?

I’ve had plenty of people reach out to me before purchasing an Analysis because they’ve been on the fence for awhile. I totally get it if I’m being very honest. The question that I ask a person if they’re on the fence is simple. “Have you ever paid for a Pitching Lesson?” 93% of the time the individual will answer “yes.” I then simply explain a very simple dynamic.. it goes like this.

If you pay for In Person Pitching Lessons let’s say $100 for an hour or shoot even longer.. how much information are you actually retaining in that time frame? Any Pitching Instruction shouldn’t necessarily be charged per time spent but rather should be charged per information retained. The reason I bring this up is because when you sign up for an Analysis you now have your completed Analysis (Mechanical Screen + Analysis Report) for life. You’ll always be able to revert back to it if you can’t recall something. I think that is pretty dang valuable especially since we’re dealing with kids who, no disrespect, don’t typically have a high attention span. Just something to chew on..

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