I absolutely love working with position players on throwing mechanics! Everything I look for and teach are relatively the same for pitchers and position players for me. Just trying to create repeatable, efficient, and powerful throwing mechanics. A lot of the stuff that I teach pitchers correlate really well to infielders as a matter of fact. Today I want to show a preview of what my Mechanical Analysis Service looks like for a position player. 




Working here with Analysis Client Dylan Holmes showcasing his breakdown in his throw. You’ll notice that he’s not creating a ton of power behind his throw due to his lack of stretch. His arm raise is essentially causing his trunk to rotate with his hips causing a breakdown in potential power output. 

When we look at a guy like Lindor who’s able to separate his hands into his retraction you’ll notice the amount of stretch he creates by maintaining trunk posture while his hips begin to rotate. IMO much to do with his ability to simplify the path in which his hand takes. 

The goal for Dylan now is to train his throwing patterns to become simplified which I believe will give him a better opportunity to increase his power output during his throw by building up more torque/rotational energy. I’ve programmed a few different progressions that will help provide feedback for a powerful and efficient arm action. Here’s a quick look at a video I did for infielders to simplify the arm action during their throw. 





If you want personalized 1 on 1 feedback of your pitching mechanics like you will see in the video below I’d encourage you to explore the option of signing up for a Mechanical Analysis. If you want to save $100 on personalized monthly workout programs designed to equip you with the required stability and efficient movement quality to throw hard click 90 MPH Formula Remote ProgrammingAnd lastly, if you want an entire eBook dedicated to efficiently developing velocity click Velocity Development eBook.


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