Throwing Mechanics eBook

A Guide To Discovering + Optimizing Your Most Athletic Throwing Mechanics

Throwing Mechanics eBook


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This eBook will serve as a resource as well as a guide for baseball players of all positions towards helping you achieve what we as baseball players all want; efficient throwing mechanics. Please note that “Throwing Mechanics” means the mechanics of the actual throw. This will feature very little content on Lower Body Mechanics instead focusing on efficient mechanics of the arm action. This eBook will outline the steps I’ve personally taken in my development as a Professional Pitcher as well as the steps I’ve taken when working with clients on how to best obtain efficient throwing mechanics. This eBook will feature the following:

  • Why I Believe in This Approach To Throwing
  • Mechanical Breakdowns of Efficient Throwing Mechanics
  • Mechanical Explainers of an Athletic Arm Action
  • How Your Arm Action Can Influence Throwing Velocity + Command
  • Dozens of Drill Progressions + Throw Variations To Help Obtain Efficiency
  • Valuable Products To Help Assist You

If you have any questions regarding this eBook don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.