Analysis Feedback

“Hey Robby, so I finally got some numbers and I am sitting around 2-4 mph harder than I did my first assessment! I topped out at 75.6 today as compared to topping out at 72 in February. I feel a lot more athletic than before and it feels like the ball comes out A LOT better than it did a few months ago, but my velocity is still down.”

– Ben Aguigui

“Hey Robby, just checking in to let you know my progress over the past 4 weeks. Really have been focusing on drive leg mechanics, ball is really starting to fly out my hand in catch play with ease. Played around with lead leg cross over on the mound and immediately felt like I was throwing harder but had some trouble with accuracy. Also still working to get that radar gun. Your work is much appreciated, already have seen the most progress I’ve ever had!”

– Rian Balbino

“Here’s what I got. Most notable improvements are better feel and pretty much no more pain after throwing in addition to what me and my coach think is a velo gain bc of no addition hands, or a tri pod, for a radar gun. We do think that but obviously cannot quantify it but I don’t want to see the gun all that much bc we just need to throw the ball the right way lol. Anyways I appreciate you and your hard work for many others! Can’t wait to hear what you got!!!!”

– Robert Barrett

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for all the help. I went through some of the drive leg stability stuff and can feel exactly what you’re talking about. All of the links and videos are very helpful. Thanks again for everything.”

– John34 Szajenko

“Thanks so much for the insight. All the things you said i’ve never heard before about my delivery and after 4 or 5 dry reps and trying to feel a better hip hinge I can say it’s definitely a foreign movement to me right now. Hopefully I can drive the new movement into my head. Of course now you got me excited to get back out and throw using the variations. Thanks a lot again hopefully this can be a big change for me.”

– Adam Brouwer

“Thank you so much for the kind words. He was excited to watch his analysis. He said he is ready to get to work. I will help him watch the videos and start putting the information to use. So your suggestion is to wait and check back with you as he gets older to focus more when he can grasp the concepts better? I want to say that I am very impressed with the way you do the whole setup and analysis. I enjoy watching your videos and your insight into the movements. Thank you again and we will definitely be getting back with you at some point I hope. Good luck in Lexington.”

– Jeff Clancy

“Man this is everything to me, I appreciate this so much. This is really great that we could pin point the arm disconnect/late arm action. I’ve been trying to improve my arm slot but clearly that brought out some other flaws that could be costly. I was so devastated when my elbow started to bother me every time I long tossed. I have been trying hard to improve my mechanics as much as I could over quarentine. Your work on my video was eye opening and I will DEFINITELY sign up for another screening in a bit once I start going off the mound. Love all your work, I’m newly “hooked” and have been trying to absorb everything I can.”

– Rj Fischer

“Hey Robby, just want to say thanks for the mechanical analysis and all the info that you have given me. I have been working on the drill progressions that you have given me and am already feeling some good feedback. Especially with the hip hinge progressions, I get really good feedback on sitting back and hinging. The really tough thing for me right now is trying to stay linear like you said and not over compensate. I feel I do that a lot because it feels like I’m getting more velocity out of it but it i’m not. Last night I threw in a game and felt more in control than I have before. I feel like I was a little bit more linear when throwing instead of compensating. I really felt my hip hinging while on the mound. Not sure if my velocity has gone up but still feel I’m making strides since you have given me this feedback. Really do appreciate all the content you provide for us pitchers. Eventually I’ll get to 90 but have to keep putting in the work. This is really helping me. Thank you again!”

– Logan Burbach

“Implemented some of the progressions and used some of the drills for simplifying Christian’s throwing motion. The 90/90 has helped a lot so far. Counter balanced with a heavy ball and using a small plyo ball in his throwing elbow (your video) really helped as well. The first time his arm went flying back straight and the ball dropped behind him, you could see it click in his head what he was doing wrong. So awesome. Arm path is getting a lot nicer.”

– Albert Cabello

“Hey Robby, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Today, I sat 86-84 and topped 88. Just two weeks ago I was sitting 80-78. Creating initial momentum in my delivery really helped my body move faster down the mound and my arm action naturally shortened up. Again, thank you for all of your help.”

– Thomas Clancy

“Hey Robby, I’m Jared Hanson and I did a mechanical analysis with you about 2 months ago. At the time I was 78-79 in bullpens. After I was able to put everything together from the analysis, I sat 83-84 all summer and touched 86. First of all I want to thank you for having such a detailed analysis and helping me so much. Also I want to take the next step and join Dr. Heenan’s 90 MPH formula. Thank you so much”

– Jared Hanson

“Hey Robby, before starting the program I had doubts on whether or not you were a scam because I found you on instagram and there can be a lot of false advertisement on there and I didn’t want to pay for the wrong thing. You were far from being a scam! You are a lifesaver, you revealed my flaw and gave me tools to improve and put in the right track at mastering pitching! Looking back at where I was in the beginning, and then towards the end of the month I have surpassed my mechanics and I feel way more confident in what I’m doing because you have taught me so well. Keep on doing what you’re doing, “Yo dude” thank you from the bottom of my heart! Much respect to you”

– Irvin Blanco

“Robby, that last screen was great and makes sense. Thank you for everything. You really helped me a lot with that breakdown and now I feel more efficient and consistent. This was the most personalized coaching help I’ve ever received. I feel like there’s more mechanical efficiency and velocity on the table, and you’ve helped me see that it is attainable. I’m gonna keep hammering what we’ve worked on and I’ll reach out and probably rejoin your service in the future. Good luck with your baseball journey as well.”

– Aiden Yarwood

“Hey Robby i just wanted to reach out to thank you. My velocity has jumped big time since I signed up for the mechanical analysis. I was 84-85ish lol but now I’m consistently 90-93 and touched 94 yesterday. It’s also made all my off speed a lot sharper and I feel like I can finally move my big body again. It’s opened a ton of doors for me in 2021 especially since I’m going JC. Thanks again.”

– Kevin

“Just a quick follow-up email, sir. Carter worked on cleaning up the three main deficiencies you pointed out in his delivery and yesterday we took him to practice in the Seattle area. With three of his coaches standing there watching he consistently hit 84mph during a live bullpen. Needless to say, he was over top excited. He is now changing his goal from hitting 85 by September to 86mph. For a kid that just turned 15 last month we are so excited for him and truly thank you for your instruction!!!!”

– Jay Seely

“Hey Robby, So far I’ve been doing what you told me and I’m doing great! Long tossing much further! My leading elbow is slowly decreasing and getting back to normal. As soon as I get a video on the mound I’ll send it to you. Can’t wait to keep getting better with you helping me!”

– Brian Williams

“I learned more about his delivery watching the 7 minute video than any coach has given him in 10 years plus of baseball. Thank you so much. Taven cannot wait to get started on fixing and working on everything. We will take it slow and work 1 thing at a time. Thank you again and we will be in touch if we have questions.”

– Steve Hathaway

“Hey Robby, my name is Andrew Grajewski and I’m not sure if you remember, but you did a throwing analysis for me in late August 2019. I was struggling with my mechanics and topping 81 on pulldowns. You then gave me the correct drills in which helped me increase 5 mph to 86 in 2 months or so. Fast forward to now I am pulling down 90+ as Dr Heenan just posted my case study on Instagram. I just wanted to thank you so much for the drills you gave in which literally helped fix my arm path that was struggling to get better for years and change my career and working towards my main goal of walking onto Michigan State this fall. Your passion for your own development and the development of others in unmatched.”

– Andrew Grajewski

“Thank you! We both thought the analysis was excellent and there is a ton off great content here for him to work on. After watching, he had a definite look of relief on his face knowing that he finally has a specific plan of action that he can focus on. I am sure Jake will reach out if he has any questions. After your season, we may want to look at some 1 on 1 remote coaching. Congrats on your come back and recent signing…Your first outing looked great! Good luck and keep it up!”

– Todd Kaplan

“Want to say with a combination of more throwing and your mechanical analysis I went from topping at 81 in May to my last bullpen before college sitting 82-4 and topping 85 multiple times. I want to thank you for the effort you put into the analysis and can’t wait to keep grinding. Good luck with the rest of your season!!”

– Jonathan Cohen

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