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Pitch Analysis

Lucas Giolito – Changeup Breakdown

  Today we'll take a look at Lucas Giolito's Changeup and why it's been such an effective pitch for the All-Star right hander. We'll hear from Giolito himself on how he holds the pitch and what he's trying to accomplish when he throws it. I'll include some...

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Brad Keller – One Seam Fastball

Today we'll highlight Brad Keller, Pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, and his One-Seam Fastball. The reason I want to highlight a guy you've probably never heard of is because he was on MLB Network talking about this pitch, The One Seam Fastball. It's always cool to...

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Stephen Strasburg – Changeup

Today we'll take a look at Stephen Strasburg's devastating Changeup. For most of you that have been following Strasburg since his unreal MLB Debut you'll note that when he first broke into the league his Changeup wasn't even a pitch that was mentioned regularly. The...

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Pitcher Breakdowns

Hyun-Jin Ryu – ERA Leader Averages 90MPH

  Well what the heck.. We all know that Velocity is an absolute must in order to be a good Pitcher, right!?... If we know that then why is the MLB ERA Leader averaging 90 MPH on his Fastball? Shouldn't he not be doing good? Actually, shouldn't he not have a job...

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Lucas Giolito – Arm Path Adjustment

For the average Baseball Fan you’ve recognized the season Lucas Giolito is putting together thus far in 2019.. On the verge of being labeled a “bust” he went thru a complete overhaul of his arm path as highlighted here that has led to a dominating year so far. Today I...

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Pitching Mechanics

Mechanical Analysis Preview

Wanted to give you guys a little preview of what my Pitching Mechanics Analysis Service looks like! Obviously it varies per individual but it highlights the importance of first identifying any deficiencies that you may have. Enjoy!     Book your analysis...

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Pitch Sequencing

Pitch Sequencing – Bauer vs Votto

  Love these matchups! Phenomenal dude at the dish.. phenomenal dude on the bump.. I encourage you next time you sit to watch a ball game to start really trying to identify how Pitchers are trying to setup the Hitters. You can learn a lot I’m telling ya!  ...

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Pitch Sequencing – Paddack vs Bellinger

  Who doesn’t love when the game brings us matchups like this. Chris Paddack vs Cody Bellinger.  Rookie Phenom Pitcher vs League Leading Hitter! Watch how Chris Paddack sequences these 3 pitches to make it extremely tough on Cody Bellinger.     Paddack...

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deGrom Executes, Still Gives Up A Hit

  One huge aspect about being a Pitcher is that sometimes you do everything right and don’t get rewarded. We just call it Baseball! Sometimes a hitter smashes a ball but it goes right at someone.. Happens.  You’ll see deGrom execute a really good 2-2 Changeup...

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Pitching Talks

Establishing The Brain/Body Connection

  If you want to dive further into this topic with me to help you develop a process then let's get to work! Book your CONSULTATION today! Sign up for a Mechanical Analysis today!   Like This? Checkout These Pitching Talks Developing Routines Velocity...

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Mentally Locking In – Pitching Talks

"How do I go about locking in mentally for a game?"     Today I'll touch on how to go about getting Mentally Locked In for a game. The biggest thing to take from this talk is, again, everyone is going to be different in how they go about this process. As...

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Pitch Execution

Today we're going to talk about execution while identifying the particular sequence. First I'm going to show you the video clip then I'll break it down. I encourage you to read below the video to get a better understanding of what we're searching for. If you're in the...

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Stories from Robby

Paralysis By Analysis

Seeking out information is absolutely fantastic and I will always encourage it but at the same time you will do yourself a disservice if you’re constantly trying to change more n more things. This is such a fine line and I really hope that I don’t come off like I’m...

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Apologies for rambling – I wrote this in the airport with like 10 minutes to spare before a flight lol. (double shot espresso) What do you do when you fail? What is there to fall back on? I think these are questions that i never really prepared myself for when I got...

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My Come To Faith

Hey guys, this was a blog post I wrote awhile back for a separate website but thought I’d share with you! My faith is my most important part of me. Without my faith, I am lost in a constant identity battle. Robby Rowland Guest Post For TAA Hello all my name is Robby...

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Product Reviews

What’s In My Baseball Bag?

  Purchase Baseball Products/Tools with My Discount      View my routines Driveline Plyocare Routine Warm-Up Routine Long Toss Routine Throwing Alone Routine   Online Pitching Coach Options Mechanical Video Analysis Monthly Coaching Plans Pitch...

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Why I Believe “Bell Clubs” Are The Missing Link

Why do I believe in these bell clubs so much?     I want to be very clear here. You'll hear me say the exact same thing in the video below but I want to make sure I get this point across. I am in no way shape or form saying that Bell Clubs will definitely...

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My Favorite Oates Specialties Products

Oates Specialties Products - Discount "Robby10"   My Favorite Products   Connection Ball Tap Weighted Balls Throwing Club Bell Clubs Resistance Bands Shoulder Tube Wrist Weights Training Sock Plyo Mat Kettle Bells Arm Health Bundle ...

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