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Pitch Analysis

Corbin Martin – Why I Love His 4-Seam Fastball

Instead of all the typing that maybe 2% actually read. I do a FULL 4-Seam Fastball Breakdown in this 6-Minute Video below.   4-Seam Fastball Pitch Profile - 95.7 MPH Avg - 2411 RPM Avg - 9.2 vMOV Avg - 198 Degree Spin Axis - 2564 MAX Spin Rate - 94.91 Avg...

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Luis Castillo – Dissecting That Filthy Changeup

  Not going to lie.. I've been really looking forward to this breakdown for some time now. I'll be honest I hadn't watched Luis Castillo until this Spring Training (2019) but when I finally saw his stuff.. holy smokes. First thing that jumped out to me was...

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Pitcher Breakdowns

Tyler Glasnow – Piecing It All Together

  This is going to be one of my favorite Breakdowns to this date. Why? Tyler is a friend.. a former teammate back in 2014 when we both played in the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization together. To me, and everyone else that saw Tyler pitch in the Minor Leagues,...

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Chris Paddack Breakdown – The Hype IS Real!

I'm not going to lie.. I've been really looking forward to doing this one ever since I saw Chris Paddack pitch in Spring Training. It's funny because I just really wanted to do a breakdown on him because: A) The dude rocks Stirrups like an absolute G (I, too, am a...

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Pitching Mechanics

Develop Personal Mechanical Cues

Biggest thing that my client Madison wants to do is throw harder.. We all do right? More velocity is never a bad thing especially in today’s game. When talking about how to efficiently get the most Velocity out of us as possible we need to make sure that we’re doing a...

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Pitching Mechanics – Staying Connected To The Ground

  As Pitchers we want to utilize the slope of the mound to our advantage. For me the only way to ride that slope is if we stay connected to the ground as we descend down the slope. The biggest goal for us as pitchers is to accumulate as much energy/force from the...

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Instill Efficient Throwing Patterns

I’ve been a huge proponent for the longest time about every single rep that you take matters. Your brain is constantly absorbing the information that you(your body) gives it. This is why you see a lot of kids, in my personal opinion, having poor motor control patterns...

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Pitch Sequencing

Luke Weaver vs Manny Machado – Pitch Sequencing Breakdown

Have to highlight my boy Luke Weaver here from his outing the other night facing one of the games best.. and richest players. You’ll notice that Weaver makes a lot of quality pitches against Machado in his first AB but Machado ends up taking a 2-2 FB Away over the...

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Stories from Robby

Bounce Back After Failure

Wanted to produce something for you guys that tackled more of the "Mental Game" aspect of Baseball. Been getting a lot of questions regarding what happens when you struggle.. Which is a sensational question just because no one wants to talk about failure, right? But...

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Paralysis By Analysis

Seeking out information is absolutely fantastic and I will always encourage it but at the same time you will do yourself a disservice if you’re constantly trying to change more n more things. This is such a fine line and I really hope that I don’t come off like I’m...

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Apologies for rambling – I wrote this in the airport with like 10 minutes to spare before a flight lol. (double shot espresso) What do you do when you fail? What is there to fall back on? I think these are questions that i never really prepared myself for when I got...

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