What do I see Late Hip Rotation as? What does it have to do with Hip/Shoulder Separation?

  • Late Hip Rotation is lacking optimal separation and leading to a velocity breakdown due to the pelvis not rotating on time with the front foot touching down to the ground. Meaning you’re not giving your body enough time to sequence efficiently.

I think we all know the importance of Hip/Shoulder Separation in the pitching mechanics. I believe there’s been a few studies showcasing how a good majority of pitching velocity is made up from the pitchers ability to increase the separation between their hips and shoulders. Today I want to dive into a common breakdown I see or maybe even a misconception regarding how to best obtain hip-shoulder separation in hopes to increase your pitching or throwing velocity.

There’s going to be a lot of context within this article so be sure to check it all out. I want to start with a breakdown video of me explaining this late hip rotation dynamic and to bring a visual to you.

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Late Hip Rotation





Now I want to show you guys a Mechanical Screening of a breakdown with an Analysis Client talking about how not getting those hips to rotate on time leads to a lack of optimal shoulder to hip separation which we know leads to an increase in pitching velocity. 





Here’s another video talking about the same thing and providing a visual of Nathan Eovaldi performing what I perceive as a movement to create authentic separation.






How about we throw in a visual of Max Scherzer sequencing his body on time which allows for this authentic separation we’ve been talking about.






Now to provide even more of a visual let’s take a look at a quick clip of Walker Buehler who accomplishes this extremely well!









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