I’ve been very fortunate when it comes to being able to sit down and talk shop with some of the best minds in the Baseball industry on my Podcast. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of my Podcasts; the show I did with Casey Smith was absolutely fantastic. So much so that we talked for a combined 2 hours and had to break the episode into 3 parts! I wanted to create a page in which you can view the entire show with Casey Smith featuring all 3 episodes. Below you will find Topics, Sound Bites, and Links for each of the 3 episodes we did together. Casey is one of the most intellectual Baseball minds that I’ve ever gotten that opportunity to talk to. His ability to talk hitting is a true testament to his passion for it. I highly encourage you to head over to Casey Smith’s Instagram as well to learn more about all things hitting. If you’re interested in learning more about Casey and potentially working with him visit his Website here.


Meet Coach Casey Smith

Via – outfronthitting.com 

Casey Smith is originally from the Marietta, Georgia-area where he attended McEachern High School. Following high school, Casey had an extremely successful college baseball career at Erskine College.

While at Erskine, during his junior year in 2005, Casey was named NCAA DII Player of the Year as well as CVAC South Atlantic Region Player of the Year. That season, Casey hit .448 with 18 HR, 28 2b, and 83 RBI. That summer, Casey was drafted in the 9th round of the MLB draft by the San Diego Padres.

He spent 2 1/2 years in the Padres organization and 2 more years playing in the Frontier League with a few other organizations. Following his professional playing career, he returned to Erskine and completed his degree in Sports Management.

Coach Smith has been training baseball players of all ages for over 15 years. He has trained many major league and minor league players, as well as hundreds of college baseball and softball players. He’s well respected in the MLB and chosen by many pros to help them improve their technique.  He’s worked with New York Yankees infielder, 2017 NL Batting Champion, DJ Lemahieu, Red Sox #1 prospect, Michael Chavis and Detroit Tigers right fielder, 2017 AL Triples Leader Nick Castellanos to name a few.



Casey Smith Podcast Part 1


Topics In Todays Show

  • Casey Smith Background
  • Passion For Hitting
  • Hitting Everyday
  • Learning Your Body
  • Have A Plan
  • Hitting Is Hard
  • Swing Efficiency 
  • Evaluation Day
  • Identifying Weakness





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Casey Smith Podcast Part 2


Topics In Todays Show

  • Hitting Data Analytics
  • Dangers Of Technology
  • Stay Above The Baseball
  • Personal Cues
  • Adjustments
  • Dangers Of Hitting Metrics
  • Hitting The High Fastball
  • Perceived Velocity





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Casey Smith Podcast Part 3


Topics In Todays Show

  • Varying Approach Per Pitcher
  • What The Red Sox Do Well
  • Consistency 
  • Working With Big Leaguers
  • Change Of The Game
  • Batting AVG Matters
  • Barrel Acceleration 
  • Trained Movement
  • Business Side
  • Conclusion





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