Pitch Grip Consultation

Breaking down your Grip

Pitch Grip Consultation

Get a personalized breakdown for $49.99

I’ve come up with an affordable package for those of you who want guidance on specific pitches. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for help with a certain grip/pitch and I thought it be best to incorporate an option to provide the means to utilize my experience to get a better idea for certain Grips and Mindset behind throwing them.

Disclaimer – I will give you my honest opinion on “If You Should Throw It” or not. This, to me, is very age dependent as well as dependent upon your circumstances. For example.. if you’re 10 years old I’m not going to give you an advice on how to throw a Curveball. Also, if you’re 14 years old I’m not going to advise you to throw 7 different pitches.

How This Will Work – Purchase this option using the button below. Once it’s paid for you will receive an email that will ask you specific questions for me to get a better idea of how to best go about helping you. Within the same email you will be asked what Day/Times typically work best for you. The service will be done via Skype (if you do not have Skype it’s an easy download). The max time spent for this Service is 30 minutes. A purchase of this Service only allows for ONE Pitch Grip Analysis. If you want multiple analysis then talk to me on working out a package for you. This can be done by emailing me at [email protected].  We will then exchange a few emails deciding the perfect time for both of us to sit down and complete the analysis.

What To Expect – Throughout my career I’ve thrown multiple different pitches. It’s always been a fascination of mine with how other pitchers throw their pitches which is in part to the reason why I’ve become so educated on such topics having talked to a lot of successful MLB Pitchers on “how” they throw certain pitches. I, myself, has also been a guy to incorporate a variety of different pitches at certain points in my career. I feel very well equipped to provide you with Insight and Analysis on how to either better your Pitch or incorporate a new pitch. During the Skype call I will provide grips that I’ve used/seen other guys use as well as specific cues and feelings that have worked for me and other guys.

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