Updated 8/15/2020


Wanted to put together a page in which I could include all of the questions that I answer in-depth when I do my Instagram Q&A’s. The list will go on n on as I continue to do more Q&A’s so just keep scrolling lol.

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How Do I Deal w/ Dead Arm?



How Hard Should I Be Throwing?



How To Avoid Cutting The Fastball?







How Should the front foot land at foot strike?








What was I feeling before my Lat injury?

Why Do I Throw slower in games when I’m actually thinking about throwing harder?

What was the Transition to the bullpen like after being a starter?




How Can Catcher help a pitcher who slows the game way down?



How To Maintain Weight During Season?



How To Use Legs in Pitching Delivery?



How Often Should 8U Kid Throw?



How To Get The Stretch and Windup To Feel Similar?



Can Gripping Ball Too Hard Cause Elbow Strain?



How To Come Back After A Bad Inning?



How To Prevent Arm Pain At 15 Years Old?



Should A Pitcher Completely Shut It Down In The Winter?





Pitching Advice For 10u






What’s Most Important For a High School Pitcher To Focus On?






How To Pitch Deeper Into Games?






How Do I Translate Plyocare Mechanics To Max Intent Mechanics?





Is 14 Too Young To Throw Weighted Balls?





Preparing For a 6 Game Tournament






Is Throwing Plyo Balls Active Rest?






What Pitches Should I Throw?






How Do I Increase Long Toss?






How To Get 4-Seam Fastball on Right Axis?





How Much Should A HS Pitcher Throw Per Week?





How Do I Correct Throwing Across My Body?







Drills To Promote Repeatable Mechanics





Tips For First Pro Off-Season






Should I Grip The Ball Hard?





Best Way To Get Glove Side Command








Why Do I Throw a 6 oz Faster Than 5 oz?








How To Get Good Curveball Rotation?








How To Avoid Over Throwing?








How To Stop Dropping My Elbow?