I’m going to take you thru my personal Weighted Baseball routine as well as describe how I see weighted balls can be either a great tool for some and a bad tool for others. Below you will find all that information including a discount code if you’re interested in purchasing the same weighted balls I use. Enjoy!

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The Good


The reason why I am a fan of throwing overload and underload baseballs is simply because it gives a good indication of authentic throwing mechanics. To further elaborate on what “authentic throwing mechanics” actually means I want to include a video clip of Dr. Heenan talking about how the amount of load (weight) should not have any affect on the actual throwing mechanics of the athlete.





Another reason I am a fan of utilizing overload and underload balls is due to the variance of throw types as talked about in my article titled Vary Your Throws Using A Football. To describe this dynamic further I want to include a video clip of Randy Sullivan of Florida Baseball Ranch talking about this principle.







The Bad


Now I don’t think I have to spend too much time on this because it’s pretty obvious what the “bad” could potentially be. If you’re someone that doesn’t have said “authentic throwing mechanics” then you could be putting yourself at injury risk. That’s not to say we don’t do that already by throwing overhead but this isn’t something you’d want to mess around with.

Checkout my article I did on Weighted Balls + Authentic Throwing Mechanics to learn about developing efficient throwing mechanics.


Overload + Underload Warmup Routine






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Discount – “Robby10” *case sensitive* 

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