Let’s breakdown arguable one of the nastiest pitches from one of the games best to ever do it in Adam Wainwright’s Curveball.

The beauty of this post is that you don’t have to hear my interpretations we’ll just take it from the man himself! Also, side note, if you don’t watch these types of interviews and you’re an aspiring ball player.. what are you doing!? This is free content from the best to do it! It’s amazing how we have this information at the tips of our fingers!

Notice how Waino doesn’t do anything different with his mechanics nor his arm speed when throwing this pitch. Everything stays the same. I see a lot of younger guys completely change things up when delivering any type of off-speed pitch. If the games-best aren’t doing that then you might want to switch it up.

Waino talks about his finger placement and pressure but notice how he talks about his “thumb” placement as well. As I’ve progressed throughout my career I’ve noticed that the thumb places and important role when throwing such pitches. Real good nugget of information from Waino in regards to something that isn’t discussed all too often in Thumb Placement. You’ll also hear Waino talk about how he’s pressing that finger to the point where it actually comes off the baseball in which you’ll see in this image below..

When he talks about how he allows the hitter to determine which type of curveball he is going to throw I’d say this is information more targeted to those who can throw multiple types of Curveballs. What I mean by multiple types is having the ability to throw a specific Curveball for early in counts and another for later in counts when you want that nasty stuff. This typically gives you an advantage when the hitter sees one type, think it’s your CB, then you deliver a nastier CB for the strikeout.

This is another thing that typically goes unnoticed is when Waino talks about his arm path and how that dictates the spin axis of the baseball. It makes sense to think how wrist placement and how you deliver the pitch would but think about the general direction that your arm is taking when you throw a Curveball.. BOOM!

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