I think we all know by know just how important velocity is in the game today. You can’t watch an MLB game without seeing multiple guys throwing 95+ while commonly seeing 100 MPH! I wanted to create a page in which you could view everything I have on the topic to give you a really good idea of how to best go about it. I’m going to break this down as best I can to literally give you ALL the velocity content I got. Below you will find tons of video content highlighting all things velocity and even Podcasts that I’ve done with some of the Baseball Industries leaders on the subject of velocity. You’ll even find discount codes to products to measure your velocity.

Want first hand content to coach you through what I believe to be an extremely efficient way to increase velocity? I put together a 32 page book that explains everything I know that has gotten me up to 100 MPH in my career. Check it out below.


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I think of Velocity in a couple different tiers that I will list below and fully elaborate on throughout this article.

  • Movement + Strength Capacity
  • Optimization of Pitching Delivery
  • Intent/Mentality
  • Finger Pressure/Placement


Here’s a Pitching Talks Segment I did on Velocity Development






I talk a lot about having “Movement Capacity” to own certain moves throughout the delivery. If you fall in that category of not being able to authentically own certain movements then I’d encourage you to explore the option of purchasing my Mobility Routine eBook to get working on your movement capacity and mobility. Here’s a clip of me talking about this interesting dynamic.






Now once you establish the movement capacity and the ability to get into/own specific movements then it’s time to add load to those movements and this is where we get into the conversation about Strength Training. Obviously the way that you strength train has a huge part in the potential power output that you can obtain during your delivery AND ones ability to handle the stress of throwing a baseball as fast as humanly possible! Ever since I started really taking my training seriously I’ve seen crazy results in the amount of effortless velocity I have, my ability to recover, and just overall feeling good. To view some of my workouts click HERETo view where I’m currently at with my velocity progression click HERE.

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A big misconception for me in regards to velocity is it’s just all about “intent”.. well I believe intent plays a HUGE role in it no doubt but you also need to understand that intent alone doesn’t last. We first n foremost need to “optimize” the pitching delivery THEN add intent. Here’s Randy Sullivan of Florida Baseball Ranch talking about how we need to seek optimization first. Listen to the full Podcast Episode with Randy Sullivan HERE








This is the piece to Velocity that I’m super passionate about because the major role this has played in my personal development in becoming a mid-upper 90’s Pitcher. There’s so many components to the Pitching Delivery and each one of those components can and should very well be optimized PER the individual. I’m going to link all the articles I have on specific components to the delivery.









Are you someone that struggles with throwing the baseball fast? How about commanding the baseball? Well I believe this is where an Mechanical Video Analysis can be extremely beneficial. Checkout an Analysis Preview by clicking HERE.

Also would encourage you to take a look at the article I did on A Common Mechanical Breakdown Seen on The Mound and possibly explore the option of purchasing that eBook to help aid in your efficiency.

Here’s a snippet of talking about a major goal when it comes to the pitching delivery in regards to optimizing force production and energy transfer.







I can’t talk about this enough from my personal experience.. Once I got out of the funk that I was in from being so caught up in how I was throwing from a mechanical standpoint and where my ball was going I was finally able to realize that I was never “trying” to really throw hard. Or maybe when it came game time I would try to throw hard but was I actually trying to throw hard at any point during my preparation for the game? I can honestly answer that with a big NO.

As I spoke about in the article From 85 to 95 MPH my personal journey has been quite a ride.. I got drafted high by throwing hard as a high schooler.. got in a funk.. experienced the yips.. worried a lot about location.. got away from throwing hard.. was sitting mid 80’s.. got released.. reinvented myself during one off season.. starting throwing upper 90’s.. got signed and had success.

Throughout that process I learned A LOT about myself and essentially the do’s n do not’s of the development process. Now obviously you have to be smart about the Velocity Development Process. In a day n age where we throw with such restriction (i.e pitch counts, timed throwing programs, and load management) it’s important to build up and adapt to specific loads. The only thing that I can do with my platform is tell my story and maybe provide you with some good insights that will help in your process or prepare you.

I am a believer also in the mental aspect of velocity development. If you just say you want to throw harder but don’t necessarily believe it in your heart you will be constantly fighting an uphill battle. Remember, there’s nothing stopping you from throwing as hard as the dudes you see on tv. We’re all human beings that lace up our cleats the same way. Sure there’s genetic enhancements for some or disadvantages for others but Frick that noise.. believe in this deep down.







I also talk about my recent discoveries in regards to finger placement/pressure and how it correlates to velocity as well as spin in my Pitch Grip Analysis eBook. Be sure to pick up your copy today! Here’s a preview of the findings.







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