My last outing before I got hurt featured a 92-94 MPH Fastball. I felt pretty good. I’ve definitely thrown harder than that in my career but for some reason the Velo was a few ticks down. I say that because where I am currently at in my development process.. I’m able to “not try to throw hard” and throw hard.. effortless velocity, how? My velocity has increased during this time period and I haven’t even thrown in a game or against hitters yet. I want to outline the specific things that I’ve done and believe could be extremely important towards developing your velocity as well.

I also created a 30+ Page eBook in which I go over all the important aspects that I believe help aid in Velocity Development. The eBook contains the following:

  • Mechanical Optimization (develop efficient mechanics)
  • Capacity To Throw Hard (movement + strength capacity)
  • Intent + Brain/Body Connection (mental aspect of velocity)
  • Drill Progressions (covering each mechanical deficiency)
  • Throwing Program Examples (Plyo Ball Routines Included)
  • Warmup Routine Examples
  • Post Throw Recovery Routine Examples
  • Arm Care Protocol Examples


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To make total sense of this dynamic I’m literally just going to list the things that I’ve done differently during this journey. Now it’s important to note that I wasn’t a total bum before and just started to work hard all the sudden. I’ve always been an extremely hard and diligent worker throughout my entire life. My work ethic hasn’t changed one bit but definitely the intention behind my work has changed. I’ve always prided myself on my ability to outwork my competition. But what I realized was I simply wasn’t working “smart.”

For me it starts with my Training program with Dr. Heenan and the personalized programming that isn’t the typical cookie cutter program you see a lot these days. Through an in depth screening process we identified specific personal deficiencies that were holding me back. We then programmed specific exercises targeted towards improving on those deficiencies. Through all of this I found myself getting stronger in positions that any athlete attempting to throw at high velocities needs to be strong in.

I can’t encourage any athlete enough to start training with Dr. Heenan. I can even help you by saving you $100 dollars on the on-boarding fee. Click below for more details.

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Yes, movement is crucial to velocity gains if you ask me. What changed? I simply started taking my Mobility seriously. I found myself being able to move extremely well which translated not only into velocity development but also my ability to recover after a hard days work.

Specific movement patterns are crucial towards throwing a baseball let alone throwing a baseball at high velocity. If you can’t get into a lunge pattern without wobbling or even stand on one foot without falling over how do you expect to have the coordination n capacity to throw a baseball hard?

I outlined specific Mobility exercises that have been most beneficial in my Mobility Routines eBook. Nothing fancy but could provide a good starting point for you.

Also be sure to checkout the segment that Dr. Heenan and I did together on Movement Capacity which could provide you with further context on this dynamic.




I’ve spent a lot of time during this period of my life really diving into what makes hard throwers throw hard? We know that everyone is different in the way they move and throw a baseball but there’s got to be commonalities seen across the board. And if there is commonalities, am I lacking something that they do?

Through my countless hours studying high level pitchers and their mechanics I’ve found a lot of good information. The only problem with the information that I found is it’s also something that could get an athlete in trouble by trying to do something that he isn’t yet capable of. That’s why it’s extremely important to get 1 on 1 personalized feedback instead of just guessing on your velocity development. See below how to get a breakdown of your pitching mechanics.


Pitching Mechanics Analysis


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This part is also a huge contributor in my velocity gains over the past year. Kind of goes back to the importance of a personalized Strength Program in the sense of having a personalized throwing program to make sure you’re attacking certain protocols designed for YOU and YOU alone. It’s the same danger in watching videos on instagram of guys doing certain things then automatically thinking you need to do them as well. It needs to be more precise than that. And the beauty is you have the power to identify what your own throwing program looks like by simply being attentive to your arm and body.

For me personally I’ve always had a good grasp of what throwing program I needed to feel good and throw hard. But that didn’t necessarily happen over night. It happened because I was intentional about understanding my own body n arm and what they needed from a workload standpoint to feel optimal.

You can see some of my throwing sessions on this YouTube Playlist.

To get a personalized throwing program for yourself to reach your goals be sure to checkout my 1 on 1 Remote Coaching service.




I know I didn’t provide you with a simple answer in velocity gains. But that’s not how velocity gains or any gains in the athletic department happen. It takes hard and smart work on a consistent basis. It’s a high price no doubt about it but it’s a price I’m ALWAYS willing to pay. Are you?

Below you will see some of my velocity highlights from this past year.











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