What do you do if you’re someone who actually has really good arm strength and shows high velocity in your catch play, bullpens, flat grounds, pulldowns, and run n guns but can’t seem to translate that velocity to the games?

I wanted to create this Pitching Talks Segment today because of my personal experience with this interesting dynamic. In the video below you’ll hear about what I went through and some of the things that I, personally, identified as to why this was happening as well as how I went about finding a solution.

As I spoke about in my Blog on Pulldowns To Throw Faster my personal journey has been quite a ride.. I got drafted high by throwing hard as a high schooler.. got in a funk.. experienced the yips.. worried a lot about location.. got away from throwing hard.. was sitting mid 80’s.. got released.. reinvented myself during one off season.. starting throwing upper 90’s.. got signed and had a bit of success.

If you want to dive further into this topic with me to help you in whatever it is that you may be going through I’d encourage you to explore the option of booking a Consult with me where we can develop a good strategy that gets you closer to your goals!

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