We know that in order to obtain extremely high power output (throwing velocity) we as Pitchers must do a lot of things incredibly efficient. Obviously throughout the course of a Pitching delivery there’s a lot of areas in which we can go wrong. I think we do a great job in this industry if finding things in a Pitcher BEFORE ball release but what about during ball release or even after. I see a lot of guys get into efficient positions before they throw the ball but then they have a biomechanical breakdown either at ball release or after ball release.  

Dr. Heenan and I have had multiple discussions regarding this topic and we see that when an athlete has his trail leg gain forward momentum towards his lead leg it typically means either improper motor control patterns or the athlete has yet to build up a capacity to brace for the force that’s being transferred. In the video below you’ll hear Dr. Heenan talk into detail about what he calls active knee/hip flexion and why it is an inefficient movement pattern when trying to obtain max power output.

If an athlete has this inefficient pattern it essentially tells us that the amount of force production he’s applying into the ground is not going to be able to transfer up the kinetic chain and out through ball release. The goal should always be to transfer 100% of the force applied and this is where we see what I would call “capacity issues” because majority of the time the athlete doesn’t have the capacity (whether it be movement capacity or strength capacity) to do so. This is why we put so much emphasis on proper training and mobility programs.

If you want personalized 1 on 1 feedback of your pitching mechanics like you will see in the video below I’d encourage you to explore the option of signing up for a Mechanical Analysis. If you want to save $100 on personalized monthly workout programs designed to equip you with the needed stability to throw hard click 90 MPH Formula Remote ProgrammingAnd lastly, if you want an entire eBook dedicated to efficiently developing velocity click Velocity Development eBook.

Watch any high velocity pitcher and notice their ability to create that separation at ball release and after they release the ball. Here’s a quick video explaining maximizing hip drive with a clip from Dr. Heenan’s Instagram Post on trail leg hip flexion. Take a look.






Now let’s get to the rest of the breakdown on Trail Leg Hip Flexion starting with a video from Dr. Heenan.



Dr. Heenan Breakdown





Fixing The Issue

Here’s a video of a recent in person lesson and how I go about implementing some progressions to help clean up an active trail leg hip flexion breakdown.






Hip Coil Breakdown






Visual Examples











Now What? 

The solution is dependent upon the individual in my findings. As we know every athlete is going to respond differently to certain drills. The one thing I will ALWAYS encourage is check the athletes training program as well as a mobility program. Below you will find an option to sign up for Remote Programming with Dr. Heenan as well as a discount code that will save you $100! You will also find my personal Mobility Routines eBook that can give you can give you a good outline on what a Mobility Routine should look like. You can also check out the drills I have listen below to see if you get any good feedback from those!



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