Been getting a lot of requests to review the products that I use on a day to day basis that allows me to track not only my fitness but more importantly my sleep performance. This review will consist of a couple videos in which I’ll discuss the things I like/don’t like about WHOOP, Oura Ring, FitBit, and Apple Watch. I’ll also include a screen record of my phone that runs you thru each of the trackers App interface.

Unfortunately the first video I recorded (which will be included below under part 2) didn’t include a screen record of my iPhone while I was talking about the trackers but it should still include some quality information. Part 1 will include a screen record of my iPhone to give you a first hand look at all the trackers app interface. I’ll include some affiliate links below if you want to make a purchase on whichever item. I’m partnered with WHOOP and OURA RING which you can click on to receive a discount if you decide to purchase one of those.

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