In episode 66 of The Robby Row Show I get to sit down with “The Catching Guy” – Todd Coburn! My first episode on the podcast in which I have an individual from the realm of Catching and boy was it a good time talking with him on all things Catching.

Todd takes us into a number of different topics on what it takes to be a Catcher, both from the physical side and the mental side. He also brings to life the dynamic between the most important physical aspects of Catching which are receiving, blocking, and throwing.

See below for topics of todays show, Todd’s links in where you can find him, as well as todays episodes sponsor info!

Topics In Todays Show
* The Catching Guy
* Passion For Catching
* Receiving
* Blocking
* Throwing
* Practice Game-Like
* Obstruction Call
* Rule Changes
* Mitt Magic
* Umpire Relationships
* Pitcher/Catcher Relationship
* Favorite Catchers To Watch
* Sign Off

Todd Coburn Links

IG – https://www.instagram.com/the_catching_guy/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/TheCatchingGuy
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TheCatchingGuy/
Website – https://www.thecatchingguy.com
Website – https://www.thecatchinglab.com/coburn-catching-certification-program

Sponsors – Pocket Radar

Website – https://www.pocketradar.com?rfsn=2032839.2fbf7e
Instagram – instagram.com/pocketradar
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