September 15th



I couldn’t resist an opportunity to blog about my most recent throwing session. I decided to take a trip back home to small town, Northern California where my parents still reside. I wanted to show my audience what it was like for me growing up with a family that was essentially centered in the game of Baseball.

There’s no doubt about it.. I was definitely spoiled growing up. Dad, who caught 10 Professional Seasons and parts of 6 Years in the Big Leagues, would always be willing to catch me no matter what the conditions were. Going so far as to squat on a stool to catch my 100mph pulldown throws with no fear whatsoever. Man I just thought of a great idea as I sit here and type this.. I should put together a highlight reel of all the times my pops wore a ball. Dude is a trooper.

Not to mention my brother who in 2010 was signed by the D-Backs as part of a “Brother Deal” with the team that I was drafted by, was also a catcher and is still willing to catch me anytime I need someone.

Then last but not least my mother.. don’t be fooled.. she’s the real trooper of the family. She will literally do whatever it takes for me to be able to get my work in. Not to mention the stuff that she does behind the scenes that I won’t go into because I don’t want to keep talking about how spoiled I am/have been my entire life lol.

For this particular video you’ll see here we have a traditional setup with my mom and dad. Dad catches the ball and puts it into another bucket that if need be we can exchange for the bucket that I have on my end. As I go to stretch it out my Mom will bring a bucket full of balls and toss me a ball when ready while operating the video because if you didn’t video it.. it didn’t really happen, right? Today’s exertion level was roughly 75-80% with a max Long Toss distance of about 350-375 feet.

So let’s check it out. I should include some more videos like this one but only if this gets good feedback. I have tons of video from throwing sessions with the family. And yes, I know, I’m spoiled lol.




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