Today I’ll be reviewing the Tap Connector Throwing Club by Oates Specialties. A product that isn’t as “mainstream” in the industry but definitely believe in the use for certain throwers. I’ve been using it quite a bit lately as a tool for staying “connected” with my arm path. In the videos below you’ll hear me talk about the Throwing Club as well as demonstrating the way I go about utilizing it during my throwing days. I will include some “Arm Path” Blogs below the video for you to get a better idea on going about correcting an inefficient path. You’ll also find a discount code if you’re interested in purchasing one yourself!



Tap Connector Throwing Club

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Description From Company


The Connector ™ Throwing Club is designed to help develop a connected and efficient overhand throwing pattern. Created at the request of Ron Wolforth, and used at both the Texas Baseball Ranch® and the Florida Baseball Ranch®, the device is utilized as a tool to help correct the out-of-sequence external rotation of the throwing shoulder in relationship to the rotation of the torso at weight-bearing heel plant. It is intended for use to replicate throwing drills and has its greatest impact when used in blended drills with a regulation baseball and the Connection Ball.

  • Used to replicate throwing drills
  • Helps Increase Biomechanical Efficiency
  • Aids Kinetic Chain Sequencing
  • Facilitates an Efficient Throwing Pattern
  • Great Blending Tool in Conjunction with the Connection Ball and a Regulation Baseball



Tap Connector Throwing Club





Arm Path Blogs

Instill Efficient Throwing Patterns

Correcting An Inefficient Arm Path

Overhauling Arm Path w/ Lucas Giolito


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