Today I’ll be reviewing the Tap Baseball Training Sock by Oates Specialties. As most of you know I’ve partnered with Oates Specialties awhile back to showcase some of their fantastic products that could provide great value to baseball players. Here’s some of my other reviews of their products

Personally it’s easy for me to love a product like the Training Sock because it simply allows for me to do more throwing and if you’ve followed me for some time now you know that I love to throw. I will include a brief description of the item from the Oates Specialties website then I’ll include some videos of the product. Here’s the link for you to check it out yourself as well as a discount code if you’re interested in purchasing for yourself!


Training Sock


Tap Baseball Training Sock

Discount – “Robby10”

Randy Sullivan Podcast



Product Description


The TAP™ Baseball Training Sock was developed to facilitate a modified ball hold program. The design of the device allows athletes to perform a full throwing motion with ball release in a confined area. The ability to release resolves mechanical inefficiencies associated with holding a weighted ball beyond the release point while enjoying benefits related to baseball holds.

Developed under the guidance of Ron Wolforth and Randy Sullivan, the TAP™ Baseball Training Sock has provided solid results with athlete training and recovery. An excellent tool for developing posterior shoulder strength, it can also be effective for reinforcing efficient deceleration patterns.

The Baseball Training Sock is made of heavy-weight fabric with more of the look of a bag than a sock to allow free movement of the hand releasing the ball. TheTraining Sock as it is commonly called is also known as’ the ‘Durathro® Sock’ and sometimes simply the ‘Sock’, as well as many other alias’s such as the ‘Mitt’ and even the ‘Oven Mitt’. This durable product was developed for weighted balls up to 21 oz. in weight.



My Review








  • Can get throws in at anytime even in a small area
  • Better option than not throwing at all
  • Don’t have to hold onto the ball
  • Instills better throwing patterns than holds





  • Can hurt wrist over time w/ sock pulling after ball release
  • No secondary strap for stability




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Oates Specialties Demo






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