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Chad Longworth – Data Backed Hitting + Important Metrics To Look At

In episode 88 of The Robby Row Show I’m joined by Chad Longworth. Chad and I have a fantastic conversation today ranging from his playing career and why he believed things didn’t go as planned, the importance of Data in the game of baseball today and how he believes...

Press Pass Podcast w/ Kayla Anderson + Gabriella DiGiovanni

In episode 87 of The Robby Row Show I wanted to bring my listeners a Podcast in which I did with my friend Kayla Anderson on her Podcast she hosts with Gabriella DiGiovanna called Press Pass Podcast. Had a great time on their show and talked about some really...

Marvin Freeman – Talking Baseball With A 10 Year Big League Vet

  In episode 84 of The Robby Row Show I am joined by former 10 year MLB Pitcher Marvin Freeman. Marvin spent time with Philadelphia, Atlanta, Colorado, and Chicago. Has 2 World Series Rings both with the Atlanta Braves during the Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz years....

Pitching Mechanics Analysis