Besides the absolute flawless hair what do you see Syndergaard do extremely well? For me it’s the simplicity of the delivery. I remember back in ’13 I played against him and was in the stands charting during a game he was on the bump. I remember watching him throw and without looking at the gun I thought he was maybe 92-94 range cause I obviously knew who he was..Well once I decided to pull the gun out (we typically only gunned and charted our guys) I seen that this monster was 96-99!

I think the beauty of all hard throwing pitchers is yes, they have to do a lot of things very very efficient but each one of them is unique in their own way. 

Take Syndergaard in the videos below for example. Watch how quiet he is with everything. Watch his head.. very minimal movement which will allow for fluidity throughout his body. Notice the timing mechanism he’s put in place with his separation. Everything synced up to give him effortless velocity.

Now we all know Syndergaard is a monster (6’6 245).. and for those of you who don’t know do some digging on how hard this dude works to become the great pitcher that he is. I think what I like so much about him is that he’s not the anomaly of a 5’11 dude weighing in at 180 throwing 100. We can look at Syndergaard and say “yeah, that makes sense why he’s the hardest throwing starting pitcher in the MLB. Put the work in my dudes! Although Syndergaard may have been blessed with a lighting bolt as a right arm.. He’s still worked his tail off to maximize the God-given talent he was born with.


Noah Syndergaard Delivery Breakdown



Side View Mechanics



Notice how Syndergaard really loads up that back glute for Efficient Force Application.I spoke on this “Glute Engagement” in my Blog A Common Mechanical Breakdown that I’d encourage you to check out.

Are you someone that struggles getting into “efficient” positions during your delivery or lacks power output?


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