Today we’ll be talking about optimizing velocity by essentially delaying rotation of the hips and building up that “torque” as we go to throw. In the video below you’ll see that I have a client who obviously wants to  throw harder.. We all do right? More velocity is never a bad thing especially in today’s game. When talking about how to efficiently get the most Velocity out of us as possible we need to make sure that we’re doing a couple things extremely efficient throughout our delivery to optimize our bodies energy.

In the video below you’ll see my clients front foot leaks open very prematurely which tells me that he’s losing his rotational power from his hips due to them opening. We want to build up that “stretch” or “torque” as we go to throw so when we release that energy we are maximizing our power output. 

Before we dive in I’d encourage you, if you’re someone who struggles with mechanical deficiencies that is prohibiting you from reaching your velocity goals, to explore my Mechanical Video Analysis Service. This is a great service that gives me an opportunity to identify any “deficiencies” that are occurring throughout your delivery and how to best go about optimizing those movements.



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Now for me personally being able to think about my heel driving towards my target has really helped me. But not all “cues” are the same for guys. We’re all different in our ability to “perceive” feelings n attribute those to personal cues. My goal in working with Clients is to encourage them to spend time being intentional about developing cues that will click for them. I further elaborate this in the video below.







Max Scherzer Mechanical Cue



A lot of the movement patterns that happen throughout ones delivery are all happening so dang fast so we need to make sure that our timing of those moving parts are optimal. I love this video of Max Scherzer talking about exactly the same thing that I say above. He is able to control the rotation of his hips by controlling that lead heel. Check it out.






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