Here you will see all my content pertaining to Starting Pitcher Routines including throwing programs, training programs, bullpen routines, and mobility routines for each day of the week. I’ll even include Indy Ball Vlog Episodes and a few The Robby Row Show Baseball Podcast episodes that dive into the details of each specific day throughout the week! Some of the Podcast Episodes are titled wrong so just refer to the titles on the web page on how I determine which day is which. Here’s a reference..

  • Day 5 – Start Day
  • Day 1 – Day After Start Recovery 
  • Day 2 – Light Long Toss + Distance Mound Work
  • Day 3 – Long Toss/Pulldowns + Bullpen Day
  • Day 4 – Day Before Start Light Catch w/ Grip Work

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Starting w/ Day 5 – Start Day















DAY 1 – Day After Start










More Day 1 Content

6/11 (Day 1) Light Catch + Football Routes

6/4 (Day 1) Light LT + Drive Leg Feels @ Miners

5/30 (Day 1) Mic’d Up Throwing

5/24 (Day 1) Throwing w/ GoPro




DAY 2 – Light Long Toss + Distance Mound Work















DAY 3 – Long Toss + Bullpen Day











DAY 4 – Volume Control + Grip Catch







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