When it comes down to Pitch Sequencing what should our goal be as pitchers? 

Our goal is to get the hitter out plain n simple. How do we do that? Well we have to maximize our stuff by sequencing our stuff efficiently.

Although Stephen Strasburg has one of the best Changeups in the game.. Bryce Harper is just too good of a hitter to be fooled 3 consecutive times on the same pitch in the same location.

As pitchers.. or even catchers.. we have to be aware of how we set certain guys up in the lineup. Sure, we can get away with just throwing our best stuff in random counts majority of the time but when it comes to facing really good hitters we have to be mindful of how we go about sequencing.

Certain hitters are just too good to be fooled multiple times in a row. As hard as it is to make in-game adjustments.. they will do just that.

My goal in writing this isn’t to overwhelm you with a ton of information and do more harm than good in forcing you to think about all of this while out there competing but if you want to take your game to the next level these are the types of things you will have to be aware of as you progress in your career.

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