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Pitching – Quality First Pitch Strikes

0-0 Pitches in order of video: * 4seam FB Arm Side * 2seam FB Glove Side * Curveball Middle Down * Cutter Glove Side Up - Everyone knows that the importance of getting ahead in counts is crucial to determining success of that particular at bat. I think the avg goes up...

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Max Scherzer Sequence w/ 2-Seam + Slider Overlay

Be sure to watch the full video.. Overlay of his 2-Seam Fastball + Slider is at the end! What else is there to say… I mean the dude is special. And today he had it going for him. Very, very fun to watch this dude go about his business. ⁉️QUESTIONS⁉️ ⁣✅ EMAIL ME -...

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Jake Arrieta Pitch Sequencing

What is our goal as pitchers? Get the guy standing with a wooden stick at the dish out, right? Well there’s a plethora (you’re welcome english teachers) of ways how to go about doing that but what is the most ideal? For me it’s optimizing “stuff” in such a way that...

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