Today I’ll breakdown the popular topic of Hip to Shoulder Separation and how we need to maximize this separation to build up torque before throwing the ball in order to have more power/energy when we do throw. But first, if you’re someone interested in developing efficient throwing velocity I’d encourage you to explore my newest ebook option Velocity Development that includes how to best go about optimizing your pitching mechanics to achieve your pitching goals.

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Video Breakdown







In order for a thrower to throw at maximum power output we know that a lot of things have to be done efficiently. In order for us to get the most out of our bodies when we throw we must take into consideration how much torque we’re building up before we throw the baseball. Torque is energy being created by segmenting and stretching the hips/shoulders or trunk/pelvis. Here’s a quick video explaining.





Drill Progressions


It’s important to note that this move must be felt by the athlete in order to obtain this move during the delivery. The drill listed below is a good starting point to be able to begin understanding what that “stretch” feels like.

1/2 Kneeling Hip/Shoulder Drill



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