Been getting a lot of questions about a particular phrase that I use, “Rotation Into Front Foot Strike” opposed to “Rotation THEN Front Foot Strike.” This phrase can be heard in my Gerrit Cole Mechanics Breakdown just to give you some context.

In the video below you’ll see Twins Pitcher Jake Odorizzi execute this move exceptionally. His timing is impeccable which leads to consistencies in the strike zone with all of his pitches.


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Now What?..


The question that now arrises for a lot of throwers is, “What do I do if I don’t do that?” Well in my experience that’s a really good indicator if you’re leaving potential power output on that table… or you’re leaking potential energy output. Reason being is that you’re releasing kinetic energy that you’ve built up in your delivery before that hand is getting into a position to deliver the pitch.

How do you go about fixing it?

That’s going to be a trial and error phase that you need to go through to develop the feeling you’re trying to accomplish. With very small movements like this I’m always a fan of dry work to identify the feedback you get when you accomplish the move. Then go from there. Any questions on this click Contact Me.



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