I’ll first show a quick 5 minute video talking about the comeback journey a bit then break it all down with a timeline of events that have taken place! Enjoy this video..





July 2018 – Blew my Lat out during a warmup pitch while warming up on the game mound right after being called into the game from the bullpen. I went to rip a CB and for some reason felt like my armpit just ripped apart. Went down to the ground in the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. Anyways, after about 5 MRI’s (the lat is a tough area to capture on an MRI apparently) “confirmed” Grade 2 Lat Strain which didn’t require surgery. Was sent back home for regular PT/Rehab with an expectation the healing process would occur naturally and I’d be good to go before winterball that same year.

October 2018 – After not seeing any progress whatsoever, I sold my car, packed everything up, and moved to Colorado to begin training with Dr. Heenan of Advanced Therapy Performance while working out at Push Performance in Highlands Ranch, CO. Big S/O to DJ Edwards for letting me train there during my time in Colorado. Super nice facility and great people! Would always recommend Push Performance to anyone in the CO or even AZ area!  

January 2019 – After still not seeing any healing progress sought out 2nd opinion which resulted in a decision that was a no brainer for me personally after not seeing much progress over the course of multiple months. At that time I decided it was best I get a latissimus dorsi repair surgery from Dr. Romeo in New York that listed the recovery time anywhere from 12-15 months. Got the surgery and moved to Omaha, NE to continue working with Dr. Heenan. Post surgery protocols stated to not begin training until 6 weeks after day of surgery. During those 6 weeks I dove head first into my company/brand.

July 2019 – After having busted my booty training and also after holding off on my post surgery throwing protocols Dr. Heenan felt best to progress throwing based on how I felt rather than what the general return to throwing outline said. Waited another 2 months to begin throwing. Listen to Episode 90 of The Robby Row Show Podcast for more information on this. To view a few of my training sessions during my post surgery comeback click Robby Row’s Comeback Training.

November 2019 – After avoiding the mound until I felt absolutely confident that I was ready I threw first bullpen at roughly 80-90% exertion level. To view that bullpen click Robby Rowland’s First Bullpen Back From Surgery. My goal was to increase my velocity roughly 1-2 MPH each time I threw a bullpen which for the most part I thought I accomplished fairly well. You can checkout those bullpens by clicking on these links. 

December 2019 – Moved back to California to increase my Long Toss distances because weather in Omaha was not ideal for that. During this time the Covid pandemic happened, cancelled MiLB, and cancelled the league that I was slated to go to for the season.

July 2020 – Time goes by so fast.. As I’m writing this entry it’s July 21, 2020 + I’m amazed at how quickly these past 7 months have gone. During these last 7 months I’ve really grown my business which is awesome but I frickin miss the game! It’s not official yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update this entry when it does become official, but I am planning on going to play some Indy ball. I haven’t thrown a competitive pitch in 2 YEARS!! I’m dying over here lol. But I’m grateful for a lot of the things that I’ve been able to learn during my life these past 2 years while I’ve been away from the game of baseball.


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