In episode 60.1(Part 1) of The Robby Row Show I get the privilege of sitting down and talking with Raphael Turner, also known as That Hitting Guy on Instagram. Raphael has a very interesting backstory regarding how he actually first got into baseball and what motivated him to continue playing. It’s always interesting hearing the untraditional stories from successful guys within the industry. Raphael now serves as a hitting instructor and I absolutely love the way he goes about instructing the art of hitting. You will find the topics discussed in this episode below as well as Part 2 being released in two days! Enjoy!

Raphael Turner Links
IG – www.instagram.com/thathittingguy

Topics In Todays Show
* The Start Up
* Intro Into Baseball
* Getting Into College
* Wish I Had…
* Foundation
* Instilling Desires
* Stop Worrying Bout Others

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