In episode 60.2(Part 2) of The Robby Row Show Mr. Raphael Turner and I continue our epic conversation dating back to the last episode. In this particular episode Raphael will dive more into the physical aspects regarding what it takes to be a great hitter. You can see the topics of this episode below! What I love about the two separate episodes that Raphael and I did is that we really broke it up into two parts when referring to being a good athlete. The mental side (which you heard about in episode 60.1) + the physical side which you will hear about in this episode! Enjoy!

Raphael Turner Links
IG – www.instagram.com/thathittingguy

Topics In Todays Show
* Has Hitting Changed?
* Identifying
* Physical Requirements
* Data Analytics
* Launch Angle
* Efficient Energy Output

Video Analysis – https://therobbyrowshow.com/mechanical-video-analysis/

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