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  1. I really don’t have that much money right now, what is a good way to see my mph? Thanks!
  1. I have a question on how to deal with nerves before games. I have a pretty bad fear of making a mistake in the field or at bat. I guess you could call it ptsd from previous mistakes. So pretty much how can you overcome playing with the fear of making a mistake. Got my college debut Saturday and really want to have a good mindset going into it.
  1. I’m a 16 year old from Michigan and I have a question on how I can increase my curveball spin efficiency. In my last bullpen I was sitting at about 84 topping at 87 with my spin rate averaging at about 2300 via Rapsodo. I know that might sound a bit unusual but I need help on trying to get my curve to more of a 12-6 instead of a slurve. My spin efficiency on my curve was at about 40-47 and obviously that needs to change if I want to pitch effectively with my stuff. So do u have any tips and keys to help you get that 12-6 break? 
  1. I just moved to a new 18u travel ball team and we do max velo pull downs every week my max is 91mph. Coach want me to start the driveline program they have I was just wondering is it safe for my arm to do driveline program 3x days per week because they do weighted ball stuff 
  1. I have been naturally cutting my fastball, and it’s been a problem for a few months now, I believe I developed this habit throwing plyo balls in front of my face which sort of developed this cut, but I was just wondering if you had any tips or advice as to how I could potentially eliminate this cut, I’ve played with a PitchLogic ball and my spin efficiency is between 78-86%.  I’ve played with different fastball grips and different cues but really struggle to just throw a straight fastball. Any help you can give would mean a lot.





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