1. Hey Robby! I had a question about using pitches. I’m a senior pitcher in high school and recently learned how to throw a cutter. I noticed I’ve been getting a lot more weak contact off that than my regular 4 seam fastball. What are your thoughts on using the cutter as my primary fastball?
  1. Hey Robby! Love the content and tips you give about how to be a complete pitcher. I  haven’t seen any videos about my dilemma so I thought I’d ask you. The issue I have is being consistent on the bump. Some outings I will feel great and sit 90-94 and other outings I will feel great and sit 95-98. In those outings I’m usually pissed about something and take it out on my catchers glove. My question is how I can be at my best more often than once in a while. Should I get myself riled up and angry? If so, how?
  1. I have a bone spur and two tears of my UCL. So in about three weeks I will be needing UCL reconstructive surgery(TJ).I am writing this question to you since I know that battled your lat tear for a similar amount of time that I will be out (However my goal is to be back by June 18th and become the fastest person to ever return to pitching-222 days) And I could miss that day by over 50 days and still be the 5th ever fastest to pitch in a game. However, my question is besides Physical Therapy, eventually going back to Cressey, my gym, when I can, what are some things I can do to be getting better. I will almost indefinitely need to go to a post graduate school to try and play college now, but still want to be the best that I can next season.
  1. Hey Robby, been following you for a while now and I love your stuff. Quick question, over the summer i was 89-92 consistently and I’ve taken time off since August. I just threw my first pen today after about 2 weeks of playing catch with a couple long toss days in between. During my pen I couldn’t even scratch 85. I know it’s because I’ve taken time off, but do you think I have completely lost that 89-92 velo? I’m looking for a professional contract in the spring and hope to god I can get it back up there. Just wanted to hear your thoughts.


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