1. Hey I tend to see your posts a lot and see how often you talk about mobility. How much does mobility really affect your velo and how does it affect your velo? (4:11)
  1. I was wondering what was a good entry level Indy ball league to get into? I have only played amateur ball but am looking to get my foot in the door for pro (9:02)
  1. 4 seam Fastball velocity is way down(81-83) though his spin rate is in the 2200 range, which is solid but apparently his fast ball is only 30% efficient in staying online (readings from the rapsodo). He’s played w different grips to try to get truer back spin to now avail. You ever heard of something like this?  (11:16)
  1. I’ve been struggling with striking out batters or even dominate them when I have a 0-2 count. What’s your approach in this situation? Thanks men, appreciate your content. (15:50)
  1. After playing spring, summer, and fall ball, I want to take some time off throwing. Do you think it’s best to completely stop for 2-3 months or keep throwing, but just extremely light and not often? (18:27)
  1. Does it matter that much with setting up on a specific side of the rubber? (22:24)







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