1. Do you think it’s more of a challenge for guys with higher arm slots to get more dramatic arm side run of their 2 seam/change up/sinkers?
  1. Recently got a tear in my labrum in the front and also two years ago I had another tear in the back even after the first tear I felt great but it seems it’s come up again with some more issues the doctor recommends a clean up surgery but another doctor doesn’t recommend it because I will lose range of motion I have until Friday to decide what I want to do I could also just do a straight up physical therapy and rehab what do you think is the best choice
  1. How do I persuade myself to get in the gym and get to work I have had phases that I will start and then I just quit working.
  1. This summer I went through a program called top velocity. Not sure if you’ve heard of it but that’s besides the point. I saw serious gains, got my fast ball up to 92, had almost no arm pain. I just transferred schools as well, the new coach is a big drive line guy. I have never worked w plyo balls before Nd I usually go to your page for tips Nd stuff but I haven’t seen much about plyo balls on your page. What is your take on plyo balls or even weighted balls in general. I don’t want to start throwing these weighted balls and get hurt or something especially after all these gains.
  1. I got very sick about a year ago which caused me to miss my entire junior year of college. I’m now finally healthy enough to play, lift, etc… What’s a good timeline for getting back in to throwing, long tossing, Max effort and weighted balls and is there anything else I should be doing? (I have fall ball in 2 weeks). If you could answer it would be greatly appreciated.
  1. I top out at 90 from the mound. I’m new to pulldowns and the first time i did them my 5 oz was 84 but my 3 oz was 96.6. Any reasons for this? i see these people throwing up ridiculous numbers on pulldowns yet mine are horrible







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