I just released my newest eBook for Pitching Mechanics. Click the button below to purchase today! Here is a sneak peak.

Seeking complete optimization of Pitching Mechanics to improve health, increase velocity, and command pitches better? Look no further.

Throughout my journey in baseball I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate tons of insight pertaining to the mechanics of pitching through being a professional pitcher for the last 12 years + counting to also serving as a coach/instructor. This eBook will consist of every last bit of detailed information I’ve been obsessed with learning over the past decade regarding complete optimization of pitching mechanics with an emphasis on what I believe to be the 3 overarching goals of pitching mechanics; Health, Velocity, + Command.

This 188 Page eBook will feature the following:

  • 250+ Hours of Detailed Video Instruction
  • Lower Body Mechanics + Upper Body Mechanics
  • Mobility + Stability Routines to Optimize Mechanics
  • The Mental Approach to Pitching Mechanics
  • Goals of Each Mechanical Component in The Delivery
  • Potential Mechanical Breakdowns of Each Component
  • Drill Progressions Structure For Each Mechanical Component
  • Mechanical Screening Examples of Each Mechanical Component
  • Understanding What to Look For in Pitching Mechanics
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