A popular topic within the pitching mechanics realm is what should that front leg be doing at ball release and even slightly after? Some people have a slight bend in their front knee. While some people have a very stiff front knee.

We hear the talk about the “C” quite often and how that can be very beneficial for high velocity output because of the simple catapult mechanism if you will (that’s my super dumbed down version of how I interpret that)

I’ve always believe that if I can throw against a very stiff front leg then I can essentially catapult my body into a higher power output forward. This drill (for me) gives me a feeling of what that leg should be doing. You can also feel that energy transfer from the back side (back hip). Be sure to not lunge with your head forward like I did lol. I also like to throw off a back of a mound to really give me the feeling of extension as well as being on top of the ball

Again, these are my opinions and cues.. try it for yourself if you want.. if not no worries. Something I’ve always liked to do