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Hyun-Jin Ryu – ERA Leader Averages 90MPH

  Well what the heck.. We all know that Velocity is an absolute must in order to be a good Pitcher, right!?... If we know that then why is the MLB ERA Leader averaging 90 MPH on his Fastball? Shouldn't he not be doing good? Actually, shouldn't he not have a job...

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Lucas Giolito – Arm Path Adjustment

For the average Baseball Fan you’ve recognized the season Lucas Giolito is putting together thus far in 2019.. On the verge of being labeled a “bust” he went thru a complete overhaul of his arm path as highlighted here that has led to a dominating year so far. Today I...

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Tyler Glasnow – Piecing It All Together

  This is going to be one of my favorite Breakdowns to this date. Why? Tyler is a friend.. a former teammate back in 2014 when we both played in the Pittsburgh Pirates Organization together. To me, and everyone else that saw Tyler pitch in the Minor Leagues,...

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Chris Paddack Breakdown – The Hype IS Real!

I'm not going to lie.. I've been really looking forward to doing this one ever since I saw Chris Paddack pitch in Spring Training. It's funny because I just really wanted to do a breakdown on him because: A) The dude rocks Stirrups like an absolute G (I, too, am a...

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Walker Buehler – Rhythm, Quiet, and Explosive

I’m on a big Walker Buehler kick right now. The dude is just super efficient with his movements and obviously just has a ridiculous right arm. I always find it interesting when really diving into this stuff with guys who throw the ball extremely hard. I do believe...

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Nathan Eovaldi – Strong and Efficient

  Today we'll take a look at Nathan Eovaldi and why I love watching the dude Pitch. Not only is he an absolute specimen but he moves extremely efficient on the mound. No accident the dude throws over 100 MPH. Now I know he's dealt with injuries throughout his...

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German Marquez Breakdown

I wanted to do a breakdown on German Marquez because the dude almost just threw a No-Hitter and I don’t believe it was a fluke.  After the All-Star game last year Marquez dominated. That says a lot too knowing that he pitches in Colorado. In 14 starts after the...

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