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Chris Sale Competitive Misses

This is going to be a really good example of what it means to make "Competitive Pitches" that even though don't result in a strike call can still be extremely beneficial for the ultimate goal of getting the hitter out as you'll see Chris Sale do just that!  ...

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Max Scherzer Pleads To Stay In Then K’s Votto

Can't express how much I love this..Not much more to say about this dude than I frickin love watching him go out there n compete. Sometimes this is what separates the decent pitchers from the great pitchers.. is the mentality.. the dog mentality that wants the ball no...

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Gerrit Cole Sticking With The Heat

Huge fan of this sequence here. If the hitter isn’t going to show me he’s on my heater.. why switch it up - obviously there’s a multitude of ways to look at it but I love the mindset shown by Gerrit Cole here.      Like That? Want More?      Check...

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Pitch Sequencing – Bauer vs Votto

  Love these matchups! Phenomenal dude at the dish.. phenomenal dude on the bump.. I encourage you next time you sit to watch a ball game to start really trying to identify how Pitchers are trying to setup the Hitters. You can learn a lot I’m telling ya!  ...

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Pitch Sequencing – Paddack vs Bellinger

  Who doesn’t love when the game brings us matchups like this. Chris Paddack vs Cody Bellinger.  Rookie Phenom Pitcher vs League Leading Hitter! Watch how Chris Paddack sequences these 3 pitches to make it extremely tough on Cody Bellinger.     Paddack...

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deGrom Executes, Still Gives Up A Hit

  One huge aspect about being a Pitcher is that sometimes you do everything right and don’t get rewarded. We just call it Baseball! Sometimes a hitter smashes a ball but it goes right at someone.. Happens.  You’ll see deGrom execute a really good 2-2 Changeup...

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Pitch Tunneling – What does it mean for pitchers?

  This was a really cool display of Pitch Tunneling that the Astros did during their broadcast.  If you’re someone that’s wondering how to get better at this or to even know where you stand I would encourage you to get one of your teams best hitters and ask him...

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Zac Gallen – Use of Different Weapons

  Be Unpredictable    I gotta say I watched Zac Gallen throw his first Pro bullpen after he got signed by St. Louis and I couldn’t be more of a fan lol.  His ability here to showcase multiple offerings in any count make for an extremely tough AB as you see...

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Zack Wheeler – Importance of Pitching In

Establish Inside In an era in which we are seeing more n more off speed offerings it is extremely important for Pitchers to establish the inner part of the plate! There’s so many benefits to be had to those who have the ability to locate their heater in.  This not...

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Slow em down, Speed em up – Max Scherzer

I'm sure you've all heard the phrase "Slow him down, Speed him up." It's a classic line when talking about how a Pitcher can sequence his stuff against a hitter. Remember, hitting is all about timing. As Pitchers, our job is to disrupt that timing. You'll see in this...

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Justin Verlander – Pitching Mentality

We all know Justin Verlander for being arguably this generations best MLB Pitcher. We know he's got the repertoire, the high velocity, the banging curveball, and much more.. right? Well what about his mentality? Watching his outing vs the Brewers it was clear to me...

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How To Get Borderline Calls

David Price is known for getting a lot of strikes called on pitches that don't appear to be strikes. Well.. how does he do it? Is it simply because he's a nice guy? No.. but there is a reason this happens consistently and you can accomplish this too!     I...

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