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Justin Verlander – Pitching Mentality

We all know Justin Verlander for being arguably this generations best MLB Pitcher. We know he's got the repertoire, the high velocity, the banging curveball, and much more.. right? Well what about his mentality? Watching his outing vs the Brewers it was clear to me...

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How To Get Borderline Calls

David Price is known for getting a lot of strikes called on pitches that don't appear to be strikes. Well.. how does he do it? Is it simply because he's a nice guy? No.. but there is a reason this happens consistently and you can accomplish this too!     I...

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Luke Weaver vs Manny Machado – Pitch Sequencing Breakdown

Have to highlight my boy Luke Weaver here from his outing the other night facing one of the games best.. and richest players. You’ll notice that Weaver makes a lot of quality pitches against Machado in his first AB but Machado ends up taking a 2-2 FB Away over the...

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